Jul 20 2016 18270 Should I Buy Now Or Wait

Dated: 07/20/2016

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Truth is if you are not buying you are renting and pretty much paying for someone else mortgage. The only difference is they have the freedom to increase your rent on a yearly basis, and you do not have control over that , either you leave and pay moving expenses or  you stay and pay more. Lately even renting has become a complicated transaction. Landlords and management groups are asking for income verification , credit scores and history . Its almost like applying for a mortgage . And any rental nowadays you must have 3 months of Savings, just to move in. If rent is 2000/month you will need 6000.00 plus application fees just to rent a place.  And prove that you earn that .

Face it , we still have a 30 year commitment , if you own ,but nobody else is in control of your living situation. Rent never goes up if your have a fixed rate of corse. Owning means you're in control,  it means you have invested your money  with the probability of gaining capital while paying a mortgage , and selling in the future for a profit.  If I finally  convinced you that its better to buy finally, then next step is planning . Plan to decrease your debt , start saving . You can now purchase with conventional Loan with 5 % down .Don't forget closing cost ,thats at least 6% of purchase price.  So the real question is , Do you want to be in control of you and your familys living situation, or do you want to allow the big guys to be in control of it.? Dedication hands you the key . Please call me to get you started , your REALTOR Charity Munoz at 516-848-2082.

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