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Dated: 04/16/2016

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by "The Acreage Guy" Stacey Sofoul Image title

Put a yard sign on my property...are you serious?

That’s a pretty common reaction when I ask a homeowner about putting a yard sign on their property when I list a home and to be very honest…I get it, I really do.

The real truth of the matter is that although the yard sign does identify your home as being for sale, it’s really there more to advertise the selling agent   than to promote your actual home.

As with most things involving Real estate and “The Acreage Guy” Stacey Sofoul, my approach toward Real Estate yard signs are a bit different.  That’s because I believe that the sign on your lawn should actually promote your home, not just my brand.

This is why whenever you see my familiar green, white and blue yard signs, you will ALWAYS see a big rider just underneath which gives a number to text or a bar code to scan which will bring you to the actual MLS web page for your home, displaying all of your photos, details, pricing, mortgage options and so much more. Think of it as a 21st century version of that old tube that was attached to  yard signs back in the day except that mine never runs out of information, always works and  actually generates interest in your home. The sign and the system behind it to make it work is brand new  and I just installed my 1st one yesterday but soon you will be seeing these all over the Acreage .

It’s not inexpensive to install this sort of sign or to have the infrastructure behind it that makes it all work but that said neither is the amount of commission that you pay a real Estate agent to sell your home.

This sort of commitment to cutting edge technology is just a part of what makes “The Acreage Guy” Stacey Sofoul better than all the rest.

Buying or selling a home is a big deal, so when you’re ready to   do either you owe it to yourself to give “The Acreage Guy” a call.  Call me anytime at 561-574-7668 on my cell or at 561-469-1468 in my office.

It’s time to expect more when you buy or sell a home and with “The Acreage Guy” , you  canExpect More…A lot More!

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