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Dated: 04/16/2016

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By " The Acreage Guy"  Stacey Sofoul 

Do Testimonials Matter?

Many times when I buy something on Amazon (and I buy a lot of stuff from them), I consult the “feedback” of current owners of the product. I’m not sure why but I find myself doing this even for items that just cost a hundred dollars or so, sometimes even less.  Over time I have come to realize that although every product testimonial isn’t necessarily spot on, over time the general trend seems to reflect reality.

When you  think about the importance of the person who will be selling your home or helping you buy a home, this sort of thing seems even more important. I do  realize that with a meeting and a brief chat you can get a “feel” for your Realtor but with so much on the line, shouldn’t you insist onspeaking to some previous clients of the person you’re about to entrust so much to?

As most folks who have sold or purchased a home eventually realize, the real work of the Realtor starts, not stops, when a home that is listed for sale goes to contract or when you finally find that perfect home to buy. I don’t want to minimize the importance of finding the perfect home or finding a great qualified buyer but, it’s a fact that so many things can and do go wrong after the contract is signed

Home inspections, HOA or Condo associations approvals, finance issues, title problems, employment documentation and so many other things are real and serious concerns that many times will cause an otherwise perfectly good deal to fall apart.

That’s why I encourage you to read my client testimonials or even speak to my previous clients and see how I have handled that sort of thing. So many of my clients send me referrals and would also  be happy to share with you their experience with me along with the various issues that popped up during the closing period.

Check out this client testimonial for a very recent sale and purchase where everything imaginable that could go wrong…did.

"Stacey was without a doubt the most professional Realtor I have ever met. Not only did he sell my existing home in Royal Palm Beach in 1 day but he also was able to negotiate my purchase with a selling Realtor who had 13 pending offers on a home that I wanted to buy and still got us the home for under appraisal . He then coordinated the two closings and navigated and overcame every obstacle imaginable to get both deals done!

It’s very obvious to anyone who meets Stacey, that he is different than most Realtors. In one quick meeting you will see that he is super professional, extremely strong and confidant and really, really cares about his clients.

He always answers the phone or calls me right back, he tells the truth and most important ... he knows what he is doing.

.Stacey very simply, will not let you down"

Wendy and Evan Crown 

Don't trust   something so important to just anyone, call "The Acreage Guy"  when you need to buy or sell. 561-574-7668 or at my office 561-469-1468. Please visit me on my website  to view homes, ask a question and so much more at

 Outstanding and excellent service to my clients is my promise to all Isn't it time to expect your Realtor to know and do more?  

The "Acreage Guy? Stacey Sofoul. Its time to  Expect More...A lot More!

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